Franchise Development

Franchise development is our area of expertise. Whether you are starting a new franchise, reworking an existing brand, or converting company owned operations, Provident has the experience to help you succeed. While various franchisors have different needs, there are some basic needs that remain the same - speed and accuracy. In a constantly changing marketplace, experience and flexibility are critical and Provident is perfectly structured to meet those needs.

  • Complimentary Feasibility Study

  • Strategic Planning for franchise growth

  • Franchise Legal Documentation

  • Franchise Operations and Training Manuals

  • Franchisee Recruitment

  • Franchise Marketing Material

  • Franchise Sales Training

  • Franchise Compliance

  • Branding and Marketing


More than just site selection and lease re-negotiation, Provident is the solution for any commercial real estate needs.


We represent franchisees throughout the entire commercial leasing process and are able to leverage the success of our real estate team to obtain free initial rent, build-out assistance, and/or up-fitting of your location, along with below-market lease terms for your investment.


Our partners in commercial real estate are highly connected and can often find out about new developments before it comes to market, allowing our clients to get first "dibs."

Franchise marketing and sales takes a finely tuned process and the right professionals to determine who the best candidates are for your franchise system.  Working with only the finest and most qualified candidates will mitigate the headaches, costs and legal issues that can come from selling franchises to the wrong people.


Our staff has been in sales for years and specialize in the franchise sales process. You will benefit from our systems and team’s qualifications acting as your franchise sales team.

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